A League of our Own

DOCC gives you high quality garments that feel comfortable on your body.

The perfect basics combined with amazing musthave items allow you to create a unique look that fits your style and personality. 

About DOCC

This label is my dream coming to life. 

I got inspired some years ago and over time, while I was training to become an ObGYn doctor, this idea grew into a businessplan.

This year, when I was finishing my ObGyn training in beautiful Cape Town, I saw an opportunity to finally bring this dream to life. DOCC is named after the profession that I love and a second "C" is added  for Cape Town, the city that inspired me to take this leap of faith.

Being a female doctor treating only women showed me one thing: Women these days are to be admired.  We are ambitious, succesful and beautiful in all our diversity and styles. We want to be fit, look unique and feel good.

The garments I designed will do just that for you! Whether you want to work out, socialise or make that next big move at work.

I am so proud and happy to launch this brand and its first collection. Can't wait to see the way you wear it :)

Shop, enjoy and hopefully see you again really soon!

Love Sarah

Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage


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